Friday, 1 August 2014

Latest Cycling Clothing Brands

Here at Alimay Sports, we recognize how cycle wear is important to regulate your body temperature and improve your cycling performance so we want to bring you the latest winter cycle clothing from expert cycling brands. We work with leading producers of cycling technical clothes and accessories. Thanks to our own in-depth knowledge of the cyclists market and experience, we serve professional athletes as well as the amateur racer. A variety of cycle clothing products featuring t-shirts, vests and long sleeve shirts from leading racing gear exponents that promise comfortable designs that enhance your performance through allowing movement and supporting muscles to prevent injury and ensure you gain optimal results.

 We only stock the highest quality cycle clothing and cycling accessories in our online bike store and every line is independently tested to ensure that the highest technical standards are met so our customers can rely on Alimay Sports to serve all their bike and cycling needs. Though our quality is always high our pricing remains discounted. Alimay Sports has a range of apparel that caters for all types of bike riders, from hard-core trail riders to race ready roadies and everyday commuters, with a fantastic selection of colours and styles throughout our online bicycle store.

In summer, cycling clothing fits secure to your body and are constructed from breathable lightweight fabrics that help keep sweat away from your body, where the clothing is also a determining factor in the aerodynamics of the racer. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality cycle clothing on the market place.

Since at Alimay Sports we focus on the cycling gear that you buy most often, we also believe that you should benefit from buying a lot - so we give you price quantity discounts. If you buy 1 tub of your favourite carbohydrate & electrolyte drink every month, we feel you shouldn't pay the same price every time. So buy 2 at a time and we make cycling much cheaper for everyone.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Shop for Bicycle Accessories

Where to shop for bicycle accessories to get the best bargains is a topic of conversation amongst cyclists on the Sunday morning spin. Well firstly bicycle accessories means different things to different cyclists. Some cyclists buy bike accessories that lend themselves to commuting such as racks and baskets to carry goods and other items while the more advanced cyclist tends to buy accessories to give them an sporting edge be that clothing or parts.
From cycling helmets to clothing apparel and everything in between those two wheels go into making cycling accessories a multi-million dollar market, in fact US cyclists spend over fifteen million dollars a month on bicycle accessories. The bicycle market is wheeling along at speed as more and more people see the health and fitness benefits of regular cycle exercise. Over 1% of the USA commuter population cycle to work (Alliance for Biking & Walking).
Bicycle parts and most cycling accessories are now being purchased online as this offers the convenience and the discounts on offer to a cyclist (as an online bicycle shop can stock 1000’s more lines than a shop) over the traditional bike shop although these still have an important role to play in bicycle retailing.  The growth of cycling from kids to adults as a sport and as a hobby has led to a greater demand in the range of bicycle accessories available to a cyclist. The broader range of cycling related products such as sports nutrition, monitors and training items has meant that the purchase of cycle accessories online continues to grow with specific focus on cycling accessories for leisure and sport pursuit.
Like every consumer group, cyclists want quality and choice without any huge price tags, due to the continued growth in cycling as a hobby or sport the  bicycle part suppliers have moved their business online offering discounted prices on items like bike parts, cycle clothing, cycling accessories, sports nutrition and bike components. Research shows that cyclists can now save up to 60% shopping online for bikes and accessories against high street shops

Sports manufacturers have been quick to see the market opportunity in providing a far greater the range of choices not just in bike parts but also in  cycling accessories. Now cyclists can search and buy online for complete bikes to bicycle parts, cycling clothing  or even the fast growing category of sports nutrition developed specifically for the cycling community. This supply and demand for cycling related retailing means that purchasing bicycle accessories online including bike parts can be found for 20-30% below the traditional bicycle shop retailers.

Supplying bicycle parts and accessories are just two of the critical product lines stocked by any good bicycle store to improve the cycling experience with a choice of price points to suit any budget. The list of bicycle accessories  available online would fill a stadium, so to simplify the shopping for bike parts or any cycling accessory, online bicycle retailers like Alimay Sports highlights useful bike products that a cyclist may need to have either to upgrade a bike or make those cycling repairs. So when shopping for bicycle accessories, shop around as most  good bicycle parts and cycling accessories suppliers offers fast, free delivery backed up by discount  prices.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Bike to Work

Alimay Sports helps get a bike to work harder and better for any cyclist. Whether it’s a bike to work scheme to  improve fitness while reducing travelling costs or maybe an experienced cyclist seeking to get  a bike to work better, Alimay Sports online cycling shop have lots of accessories and components.
Cycling has become one of the biggest growing trends around the world when it comes to commuting to and from work and also exercising. Cycling is a superb way get fitter as a cyclist will be pumping those legs on a bike to and from work.
The benefits of cycling are numerous, the most obvious ones are personal fitness and exercise but it’s also much cheaper than public transport and reduces motor vehicle traffic which in turn is easier on the environment.
No matter what age or stage of life, whether you're young or old, athletic or sedentary, bicycling is an enjoyable and healthy way to travel and experience the great outdoors. As any serious cyclist will testify, when cycling is done vigorously, it gives the heart and circulatory system a workout and can burn more than 500 calories per hour. The development of new types of bicycles and bicycle accessories, for example the hybrid, which combines the speed of a road bike and the ruggedness of a mountain bike has made riding easier and offers more options to suit a cyclists specific needs. What's more, thanks to government initiatives cyclists now have more places to ride. Here, ways to improve your performance, safety and comfort when cycling.
Everyday a new cyclist will saddle up his or her two wheeled steed for the first time, this is the day where more people learn to love the sport or hobby of cycling. Remember "Knowledge is the key to improving your cycling performance."
Below you will find lots of helpful advice on how to enjoy your cycle and get your bike to work for you.

Food and Nutrition
Eat a healthy breakfast 30/40 minutes before the start of your cycle
• Porridge and a slice of toast are a good option.
• Light cereals such as cornflakes may not provide the slow release energy you will need for a cycle lasting a few hours.
Carry additional food
• Some bananas and sports nutrition such as energy bars (Powerbar Energy Bar ) are ideal.
• Take two water bottles. Add fruit juice to improve the taste or use a sports drink like PowerGel from Powerbar if going on a longer cycle. Try to drink/eat small amounts often.
• If you are nervous eating while on the move, wait until you are at the back of the group to eat.

Alert Calls
knowing to alert the cycling group or partner to hazards on the road and traffic approaching is very important. The cyclists at the front of the group should clearly and loudly announce hazards on the road ahead. These are announced early so the group is aware of potential dangers and can smoothly and safely take evasive action. Cyclists at the front of the group call the hazard and people behind repeat the call so the message gets passed through the group.

Example of calls
• “Hole on left” = Pothole on the left hand side.
• “Stones on the right” = Stones on the right hand side.
• “Gravel in middle” = Loose gravel in the middle of the groups path.
Moving cars approaching the group
If a car is approaching from behind (or a car following the group is beginning to overtake the group) “Car up” is called. The last person in the group should be aware of traffic following/approaching the group from behind.
If a car is approaching the group from in front: “Car down” is called.
The person who gets the puncture should call “puncture”. This alerts the group that someone has a puncture so the group can stop.
The call also alerts people who are cycling behind the person that has suffered the puncture that there is someone in the group who may need to stop immediately and that they need to be alert.

Cycle two by two / don’t overlap the rear wheel of the cyclist in front.

Cyclist in front cannot see the position of cyclist following behind.  If your front wheel overlaps the rear wheel of the person in front, any movement left or right could result in wheels touching and a loss of balance and a large number or people could be involved in a crash.

Never pass another cyclist on the inside (left), always pass on the outside (right).
Avoid freewheeling when at the front of the group
  • It usually requires more effort to cycle at the front of the group.
  • If a cyclist at the front of the group freewheels the following cyclists could easily run into the back of the cyclist at the front, causing an accident. Always keep pedalling when at the front of the group.
Bike Gears
Most new cyclists keen to get fit think they are getting a better workout if every pedal stoke is a strain and the quads are burning. Although there's a place for low-cadence workouts, during a normal ride, aim for a smooth spin at between 85-100 rpm (pedal revolutions per minute) which is much more efficient -- and easier on the legs, especially the knees.

Handlebar grip
Always keeps a good grip on the bikes handlebars using the thumbs. Don’t rest hands on top of the bars.
A rear mud guard is a good idea during winter
  • Keeps your back dry and warm by wearing correct bicycle clothing (even if it does not rain during the cycle a wet road could have your back wet and cold in a few minutes).
  • Your fellow cyclist will appreciate your mudguard as it reduces the amount of water and grit thrown into the face of the cyclist behind.
Enjoy your Cycle
Last but most importantly, build up the distance of your cycles gradually. If you are comfortable with 20 miles try 25 then 30 miles and so on in small increments.
Join a bike club where possible and ask the group leader (or another club member) for advice if your have any questions. Cycling club members are always delighted to advise new members

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cycling Clothing With A Twist

Every serious cyclists wears special cycling clothing and nobody wears skin tight cycling clothing better than a cyclist. Now for some cycling clothing with a twist, yep its see through, mesh effect cycling clothing that requires a whole new level of confident cyclist. Maybe its a passing fad but louder, brighter, lighter cyclewear seems to be in vogue.
Every cyclist lives for the sunny days where they really feel like the cyclist they train to be. Cycling in on a bright day, legs are getting tanned, and every drink gulped from the bottle is making the cyclist more and more the pro they feel they are. Every cyclists deserves this feeling.
So on those hot days, make the most of cycling, and find the tightest, most see through, meshiest jersey (bonus points for skinsuit) you can find, and wear it with pride. We’re already paving the way for people to understand you, thanks to the Alimay Sports blog series of manly cycling things so you don’t have to bear the brunt of the judgement.

There’s no shame in the cycling clothing you wear, it serves a purpose way beyond anyone who doesn’t cycle just can’t understand. So when you put in the hours of suffering, pain, and heavy breathing – now you know why, so you can look great on these hot summer days.

If you haven’t got enough cycling clothing, then be sure to check out our online bike shop.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bicycle Parts Sale

Alimay Sports has thousands of bicycle parts at sale prices to ensure the cyclist has everything they need for cycling enjoyment including our impressive range of cycling accessories all at low prices from big name brands. The bike parts sale at Alimay gives the cycling public the chance to kit their bikes on a budget.
At Alimay Sports we know that a bike is more than just a sum of its parts, but without the bicycle parts which add up to their groupset, gears, drivetrain and finishing kit, bikes wouldn’t even get going. Every seasoned cyclist knows that you can make your bike last longer by replacing components and parts as they wear out, or give it an upgrade with some new parts from quality top brands at discount pricing.

Whether you need mountain Bike Parts or road bike components, there’s a huge selection to choose from on the Alimay Sports website. If it's bicycle accessories you're after, our huge range of bike accessories at cheap pricing covers everything from bags to bike racks, bells to bottles, lights to locks, props to pumps, cameras to computers and lots of other things every cyclist loves to get their hands on. Accessorise a bicycle in style whatever your riding preference with cycle accessory bargains and bike parts at sale prices.
So why not check out some great quality bicycle parts and cycling accessories at bargain prices available at our Alimay Sports online cycling store today.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Alimay Sports Cycling Offers

This week in our online bicycle store, Alimay Sports, we have started a new promotion of putting out exciting new cycling offers for the UK. Each offer is going to focus on simplicity and clear value, as opposed to an increasing amount of complex and minimal sales for cyclists in the UK. Bike Components and Cycling Accessories are going to be the focus of every cycling offer that we put together. Like the first offer that has been launched in the cycling store – buy a pair of Polaris Omnium Bib Cycling Shorts and get 2 Continental Ultra Race Cycling Tyres free!

So the current cycling offer gives cyclists in the UK a chance to get a new pair of cycling shorts, which I guess can fall into the cycling clothing category. Then with that you get a free pair of Continental Ultra Race Tyres, which are in the bicycle components category; but it is a simple offer.
We don’t want to blur the lines for cyclists with small discounts on selected products, but with a lot of restrictions on what can and can’t be bought. This is really what is setting the standard for the offers we are going to run really simple offers for cyclists in the UK, with cycling components that cyclists want and not just what we want to sell in our cycling store.

We’re doing the same thing with all of the cycling products in our cycling store, because we are building a convenience cycling store rather than a megastore with items that you may have no interest in. Instead we are building our cycling store to keep stock of the items you buy regularly and in need for riding your bike. This allows us to manage our pricing and give you the best price possible, all the while still giving you the fastest and most convenient delivery times in the UK. By doing this, we aim to make it a cycling store that you can browse easily without being overcome by bicycle items that aren’t relevant to you.

So while we’re only in the early stages of building a product mix that is matched perfectly to the need of UK cyclists, we feel that we can achieve it, and when we do – we then build on the cycling offers that are available to you. In the end, hopefully within 1 year, we will be in a better position so you can find everything you need on our cycling store, and you enjoy the experience of browsing our cycling store, and can do so know that you can rely on us to deliver every order within 2 days everywhere in the UK. Once we’ve reached that point, then we are going to start to offer very narrow lines of the best in class products in the higher price brackets. We want to do this by building close partnerships with the brands we feel are making the best cycling components in their class. We’ve already started this process with some brands on the higher price range bicycle stuff, but we want to get our lower price range necessities nailed down first, and then move on. So until we reach that point, it will be another post as to how we are coming along in partnering with the best brands on things like bicycles, power meters, wheels, and other expensive items that you don’t change as regular as your tyres or clothes.