Friday, 1 August 2014

Latest Cycling Clothing Brands

Here at Alimay Sports, we recognize how cycle wear is important to regulate your body temperature and improve your cycling performance so we want to bring you the latest winter cycle clothing from expert cycling brands. We work with leading producers of cycling technical clothes and accessories. Thanks to our own in-depth knowledge of the cyclists market and experience, we serve professional athletes as well as the amateur racer. A variety of cycle clothing products featuring t-shirts, vests and long sleeve shirts from leading racing gear exponents that promise comfortable designs that enhance your performance through allowing movement and supporting muscles to prevent injury and ensure you gain optimal results.

 We only stock the highest quality cycle clothing and cycling accessories in our online bike store and every line is independently tested to ensure that the highest technical standards are met so our customers can rely on Alimay Sports to serve all their bike and cycling needs. Though our quality is always high our pricing remains discounted. Alimay Sports has a range of apparel that caters for all types of bike riders, from hard-core trail riders to race ready roadies and everyday commuters, with a fantastic selection of colours and styles throughout our online bicycle store.

In summer, cycling clothing fits secure to your body and are constructed from breathable lightweight fabrics that help keep sweat away from your body, where the clothing is also a determining factor in the aerodynamics of the racer. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality cycle clothing on the market place.

Since at Alimay Sports we focus on the cycling gear that you buy most often, we also believe that you should benefit from buying a lot - so we give you price quantity discounts. If you buy 1 tub of your favourite carbohydrate & electrolyte drink every month, we feel you shouldn't pay the same price every time. So buy 2 at a time and we make cycling much cheaper for everyone.

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