Tuesday, 25 March 2014

UK Bicycle Parts Suppliers

UK bicycle parts suppliers have moved online, selling cycle clothing and cycling accessories from all the major cycle sports brands. Today in the UK the majority of bicycle parts and components are purchased online due to the cost saving to a cyclist.

Bicycle parts suppliers cater to the growth of cycling as a sport in the UK both as a hobby and as a competitive outlet for sporting achievement across all age groups. This growth in cycling has led to a greater demand in the range, quality and price bands for bicycle parts to cycling clothes available to a cyclist. The UK now has a far broader range of bicycle related products and accessories for the cyclist whether it’s the latest fashion, gadget or sports nutrition, right down to the most basic bike parts every cyclist needs.  As with most retail, bicycle parts suppliers have moved their shops online where they offer discounted prices on everything from bike parts, cycle clothing, cycling accessories and sports nutrition to bike components.  

The move online has allowed most UK bicycle parts suppliers to expand the range of cycling products for sale to more than just bike parts and cycling accessories, now cyclists can search online for complete bikes to bicycle parts, cycling clothing  or the growing category of sports nutrition developed specifically for the cyclists. For the cyclist the added benefit of purchasing online means that bicycle supplies can be bought for 20-30% below the brand retail price.

All bicycle parts suppliers shipping across the UK seek to improve the cyclist experience no matter what the budget or brand preference. The list of bicycle parts available today would fill a telephone directory, so to simplify the shopping for bike parts or any cycling accessory a cyclist should focus on the useful bike products they need to have either to upgrade a bike or make cycling repairs. Most UK bicycle parts suppliers will offer free delivery to online purchases subject to some minimum order value backed up a returns policy any shopper should expect.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

UK Cycling Discount Store

Alimay Sports is a leading online UK cycling discount store selling cycling accessories and bike parts which are shipped directly to cycling customers every day. Stocking a huge selection of branded cycling gear for the cyclist looking for serious savings on everything bicycle.
The online discount cycling store has nearly everything for cycling enjoyment and safety whether it is something as basic as a bicycle pump to cycling clothing or tyre replacement. Also Alimay Sports stocks a range of bicycle components and bike parts from all the top brands at discounted pricing to ensure cycling enjoyment whether on the road or trail. Price, quality and service counts when it comes to purchasing bike parts and cycling accessories. The occasional cyclists will happily get by with very little equipment, while the frequent or sports cyclists needs more specialized cycling gear in more quantities. Regardless as to the type of cyclist or level of experience their needs are served well at the Alimay Sports UK cycling discount store, who believe in a healthy and safe bicycle approach. Customers choose Alimay Sports as their cycling supplier of choice for discounted branded cycling gear together with a range of cycling accessories, bike parts and components.

On the Alimay Sports website a visitor can search and purchase bike parts and cycling accessories. The cyclist can also search and purchase online anything and everything for cycling comfort, from bicycle parts, cycling clothing  to sports nutrition. Also discount cycling stores online offer prices on cycling accessories for 20-30% below a bricks and mortar bicycle retailer.
The mission at Alimay Sports is to improve the whole cycling experience without breaking the bank. The list of bicycle accessories and to make cycling more enjoyable or competitive is a long one. Start with a shopping list making cycling safety the top priorities to purchase, then sports nutrition and clothing with nice to have accessories coming last. Remember to focus on useful bike products that a cyclist really needs to making cycling safe and to carry out those cycling repairs. Alimay Sports offers discounted quality cycling accessories and bike parts with fast, free delivery backed up by excellent customer service.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cycling Clothing and Cyclist Apparel

Buying Cycling Clothing from Online Retailers
When purchasing cycling clothing a cyclist should look for clothing that fits secure on the body, clothing that is manufactured from breathable lightweight fabrics that helps move sweat away from the body. Remember good quality cycling clothing is a determining factor in aerodynamics performance when cycling for racing or even leisure.


All cycling clothing should offer comfortable and flexible designs that enhance the cyclist performance by allowing movement while supporting muscles to prevent injury. In a nutshell cycling clothing is a key factor in ensuring any cyclist gains the best results on their bike. Cycling apparel and bike clothing should regulate the body temperature to improve cycling performance.


Alimay Sports is an online bicycle parts retailer stocks the highest quality cycle clothing and cycling accessories for both the hobbyist and professional cyclists. Cyclists can now shop for a wide selection of cycling clothing at Alimay Sports from their favourite brands at competitive prices. Alimay Sports stocks a large range of cycling apparel that caters for all types of bicycle riders, from obsessive trail riders to race ready pros right through to the everyday commuter cyclist looking for quality and value.


As bicycle nuts, all of the staff has in-depth knowledge of the cycling market and experience that is why we serve the professional athletes as well as the amateur racer. Select from our large range of cycle clothing featuring t-shirts, vests and long sleeve cycling shirts from leading cycling brands at low prices. As a leading UK retailer of bike parts and cycling accessories, Alimay Sports focuses on the cycling gear that the cyclist buys most often. Alimay also believes that a cyclist should benefit from shopping with us - so they give price quantity discounts all day, every day.